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Project Overview

DataDivisions is a web-based application that allows users to read server/website statistics (from common log files) allowing the application to generate data comparisons between the many information relationships possible. The application builds upon many other popular web statistic applications (eg AWStats) but does so in a more graphically rich environment and offers the ability to view the different data captures in three unique display types: text-based, bar-graph and scatter-plot graph.

DataDivisions was designed and developed around the concept that small, online business owners very rarely view and/or understand the complex data relationships that server log files provide. By providing a graphically rich and user-friendly interface, the application gives those users a softer approach to hard statistic information. In developing the application to compare the many data relationships in a single screenshot,

DataDivisions offers the possibility for business owners to become aware of how various information captures can be compared against one another. The ultimate goal of such an approach is to enhance one's ability to decipher the vast amount of server log data and gain a stronger hold on how those information sets are interrelated.